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Clonect is a dynamic next generation company focusing on Enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Management (GRC) solutions.

In a globalized business environment, organizations need to comply with complex and dynamic regulatory requirements as they grow and expand into different geographies and industry verticals. With the right mix of rich domain & technology expertise, and insights from both CFO & CIO worlds, Clonect helps organizations to leverage technology optimally and innovatively, addressing GRC as well as other finance IT solution needs.


ricago is a dynamic platform focusing on niche products and solutions in Enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Management (GRC). With a strong and growing portfolio of products catered to the Corporate Governance and Compliance Management needs of organizations, ricago addresses and comprehensively brings down the related risks, and thus enabling the offices of the Directors, CEOs, CXOs and Function/Department Heads.

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GSTSTAR, the new age GST Solution, comprehensively addresses the business needs of Enterprises, SMEs and Professionals under the new GST regime! GSTSTAR cumulatively brings together technology, knowledge and service offerings to provide a complete and relevant solution.


Clonect - The "Cloud Connect"

cloud connect

Cloud, a simple body of very fine water droplets or ice particles suspended in the atmosphere, has captured the imagination of humans just as the blue sky. It is a part of folklores, mythological stories, literatures and even nursery school rhymes. Clouds are looked upon as a platform connecting to divinity ... Gods appear from the clouds!!!

In physics, term "cloud" is used to describe a large agglomeration of objects that visually appears from a distance as a cloud, whose details are not inspected further in a given context. A large number of points in a coordinate system is described as a cloud in Mathematics. Astronomy calls a cloud of gas and particulate matter in space as a nebula (Latin word for mist or cloud). Indeterminate position of electrons around an atomic kernel is also a cloud ... and so is Internet.

So... for any given subject clouds could mean something else. But they represent the same key characteristics of simplicity, abstraction and democratization. We look at group of systems … group of people … group of organizations and many more such groups having an affinity to each other, as clouds. We believe, connecting such clouds unleashes the collective value proposition… It epitomes collaboration and power of communities.

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Come and join a team of experienced members from reputed technology firms, with a right mix of rich domain & technology expertise, who have joined hands to form a company providing the dynamic next generation products, platforms & services. We are looking for experienced technology/ domain /product professionals to augment the current team. Please send your profiles to

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